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Bank of The Year Award - Message By The Managing Director

At the beginning of 2010, under the direction of the Board of Directors, we embarked on a new 3-year strategic plan with arguably lofty goals. The vision is to place ADB in the ranks of the Top-3 Performing Banks by end-2012. We have confidently prosecuted the agenda of transforming ADB into a modern universal bank with a sustainable development outlook highly efficient in policy-led agricultural-financing would be crowned with a great success. 


We have recorded many achievements: the expansion in our branch network, our functioning new business model and structure, our re-packaged and newly-developed range of banking products, our blend of skills-set, our new high-version IT platform, and to top it all, the creditable financial performance recorded at the end of the year. In my last New Year Message, I stated that, from every indication, though we began the year as the least performer among our peers, our Bank is on the way to the very top of the industry. 


Along the way, we received commendation from many sources. For instance, our Bank was acknowledged by the reputable The Africa Report magazine as one of the banks that have shot up fastest in its latest ranking of Africa’s Top-200 Banks. We gained 27 places in that listing.


And, last Saturday, the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ghana (CIMG) crowned it all when it declared ADB as the Bank of the Year 2010 at its Awards Ceremony. A well-deserved recognition!


The Board, Management, Senior Staff, Junior Staff, and the various Teams all contributed their quota. However, I wish to commend in addition, the Marketing Team whose head, Mr. Adam Sulley also won the award of Marketing Practitioner of the Year.


We dedicate these Awards also to our customers to whom we owe the pledge to crown our activities with success upon success, believing that we shall continue to support each other in this quest.


Finally, we pray to God to remain with us as we journey further along the path as outlined in our new 3-year strategic plan. 



Stephen Kpordzih

Managing Director 


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