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ADB Unveils New Logo

The Agricultural Development Bank (ADB), one of Ghana’s leading universal banks, has unveiled a new logo to serve as its new identity and to project a modern look to its corporate image. With the unveiling of the new logo, employees of ADB have pledged to a renewed spirit of banking. 

About the New Logo

The new logo is similar in design in terms of its pantone dark and light green colour, but looks quite different in format and type face. The brand name is written in full and reverse under the acronym of the Bank, all in small letters, while the slogan (tagline) is set beneath and reads: “…Truly agric and more”. In addition, the new logo features a wave accent that portrays ADB as a “forward-looking bank” poised to forge ahead to attain its objectives and goals. The new logo denotes simplicity, symmetry and harmony. Its key elements are Growth, Stability, Viability and Sustainability. It signifies the new business focus and approach of ADB, paying more attention to the needs and service of customers whose patronage and support keep the Bank in business.


Launch Ceremony

The new logo was unveiled at a classical ceremony at the Independence Avenue Head Office of ADB on 14/1/14, attended by dignitaries from all walks of life and the media.


Welcome Speech

Welcoming the gathering, Mr. Stephen Kpordzih, Managing Director, said, “The new logo reflects a deep will within ADB to keep up with modernity and evolution. It is always good to take a look back and determine what changes are required to keep an organization in tune with developments within its environment.”

He said, “ADB of today is not the same ADB as it was at its inception … the change agenda from 2010 has transformed the bank’s facilities, infrastructure, internal processes, business model, products, channels, human resource skills-set, branch outreach and external looks, and won ADB over 30 prestigious international awards conferred across the globe between 2010 and 2013..”

“We are through the launching of a new logo and identity embarking on a new era of banking excellence and a renewed support for the nation’s development agenda,” he added.


ADB’s commitment to the future

Nana Soglo Alloh IV, Board Chairman made a statement of the commitment of the Bank to the future. “The importance of this ceremony lies in not only being another, indeed, the latest milestone in the Bank’s history, but the toast of many more milestones ahead of the Bank and our way of inviting our stakeholders to have confidence in the future of the Bank,” he said.

“The Bank successfully completed the implementation of its 2010-2012 strategic plan under the theme, ‘Repositioning ADB – the Future in Focus’. Currently, the Bank is in the initial stage of its follow-up strategic plan for the 2014-2016 period, designed to ensure sustainable growth and profitability and build on the key successes achieved in the previous strategic plan. The Bank has set its vision to be among the top tier performing banks. The introduction of a new logo and identity is indeed a critical part of this follow-up strategic plan,” he added. 

He pledged the commitment of ADB to its customers, shareholders, employees, and service providers and to the government and country.

“To our customers, we are committed to delivering segmented and compelling solutions to answer their needs through their preferred channels. To our employees, we are committed to creating an environment which empowers them to be customer-centric, optimize the value of our businesses and become the best they can be through continuous career and development opportunities. To our shareholders now and in the future, we are committed to delivering superior total shareholder return through means which guarantee growing earnings. To our government and country, we are committed to leveraging our skills, resources and risk expertise to build an efficient policy-led agricultural-financing institution of choice and contribute to the building of a strong national economy.

To our service providers, we are committed to mutually-beneficial business relationships to grow their franchises as much as our business. Overall, we commit ourselves to build a culture of trust and achievement in our bid to realize the key outcomes of growth and sustainability,” he stated.


Guest of Honour

The Guest of Honour, Hon. Kweku Ricketts Hagan, Deputy Minister of Finance said the rebranding will enable ADB to attract new customers and widen their foot print in the banking industry.

“ADB as an indigenous banking institution has contributed immensely to the Government development agenda especially its role as one of the closest partners of Government in the prosecution of the country’s agricultural development. It is commendable that ADB has been closely involved in virtually all national agricultural development programmes, projects and schemes undertaken by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and by various local and international donor organizations over the years.

“The pivotal role of ADB in the national economy cannot be over-emphasized. There is therefore the need to enhance its performance. ADB has to be repositioned to operate with a much bigger capital base. This is the main essence of the proposal put forward by the Board and Management of ADB to be allowed to undertake a share floatation to bring on board more private capital. The share floatation is expected among other things to increase the capacity of ADB to undertake financial intermediation on a larger scale, deepen its governance and safeguard the important identity of ADB as an indigenous institution with mass appeal and attachment to the citizenry,” he said. 


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